Chronology & Typology Documents

Last updated: April 3, 2018

Chronology Document

This document contains events in chronological order from 1492 to present. These events are written as one-liners in the Chronology document and are then cut-and-pasted into a “Typology” and “State” documents.


Typology Document

This document is a systematic classification of events so that they can be grouped, reviewed and compared for research.

The Typology document is much longer than the Chronology document because most events are listed twice – such as hurricanes – are listed in chronological order and then by mortality. In addition, some events are cross-listed. For example, a fire in a hotel set by an arsonist would be listed in the Structural Fires typology within the Hotels/Motels sub typology and would be cross listed in the Violence typology under Arson.